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Half Pint

Half Pint was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1961. He is a Dancehall Reggae Deejay and Singer who worked with King Jammy to create a lighter more relaxed and melodic approach to dancehall making an easier transition into the digital ragga era. Performing both conscious and romantic lyrics in the dancehall, this was an exception to the rude boy style in the eighties. Some of his early hit dancehall songs included Money Man Skank, One in a Million, and Level the Vibes. In 1985 he toured with Sly and Robbie on their Taxi Gang Tour and released Hold On, Night Life Lady and World Inflation. His signature song Greetings was released later in 1985. Losing popularity with the rise in violent and slackness in the dancehall, he finally returned in 1998 with Legal We Legal and two years later Closer to You.

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