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Fela Kuti Afrobeat African Revotionary Freedom Fighter – The Black President

Fela Anikulapo (Ransome) Kuti (or just Fela as he’s more commonly known) was born in Abeokuta, Nigeria, north of Lagos in 1938 into a middle class politically active family.He experienced music and politics as he was growing up.Fela went to London to study music and formed a band called Koola Lobitos that became a regular fixture on the London Club Scene. In 1969 he went to Los Angeles where he was introduced to the writings and politics of Malcolm X. His music would become more politically explicit and critical of the oppression of the powerless worldwide. He is known for afrobeat, raucous propulsive music, a combination of blaring horn sections, antiphonal vocals, Fela’s quasi-rapping pidgin English, and percolating guitars, all wrapped up in a smoldering groove that could last nearly an hour,with an intoxicating sound. Once hooked, it was impossible to get enough. His music was scathing of political and social corruption oppression and hypocracy. His Legacy lives on with his sons Femi Kuti and Sean Kuti. Some of his hit songs include Zombie and Music is a Weapon.

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