Congos Veteran Reggae Band

Congos Reggae Music and the Rastafarian message still as relevant today as it was fifty years ago. The Congos are a Rastafarian reggae duo consisting of Roy Johnson born in Hanover, Jamaica in 1947 and Cedric Myton born in St Catherine, Jamaica in 1947. Their gentle music was accompanied by strong lyrics based on their strong Rastafarian way of life. They both went to Kingston to pursue their music career and met by chance to release their most well known album Heart of the Congos. Parting ways in 1980 they went on to pursue their own individual careers. In 2003, Johnson founded his own recording studio, Lion’s Den, in St. Catherine. The studio recorded a mix of both old and new acts, and had eight singles that were almost ready to be released by 2004. He and Myton continued to talk about getting together again, but it was uncertain whether this would actually happen. Myton, like Johnson, believes his music and its Rastafarian message is still relevant; he told a reporter from the Jamaica Observer,The world has not changed since I started out in this business. The same message is still relevant because it is the same people who went to River Jordan and turned back.

Congos Veteran Reggae Band Jamaica

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