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Abyssinians Old School Sixties Roots Reggae

Abyssinians roots reggae trio from Jamaica in the sixties known for rastafarian amharic hymn Satta Masagana or Give Thanks. The Abyssinians album Satta Massagana released in 1969 launched this trio as one of the great reggae bands. This vocal harmony trio consisted of Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. ‘Satta Massagana’ is a Rastafarian hymn based on the Ethiopian Amharic language and means Give Thanks. It became one of the most popular songs played on the radio, in dancehalls and in churches. Some of their other hits included ‘Declaration of Rights’, ‘Yi mas gan, and ‘Let my days be Long. The trio parted ways in 1980 and then reunited in 2004 without Linford Manning and a new singer David Morrison.

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