Raggamuffin Reggae Festival Australia

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In the name of the Most I JAH RASTAFARI!

After a successful Raggamuffin Festival in 2008 and 2009, the Australia is gearing up for the 2010 version.

This year’s lineup looks to be pretty impressive with high class reggae performers ready to strut their stuff.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect this year.


Steel Pulse is a Rastafarian British Reggae Band. Along with Aswad they are most successful reggae bands in the UK. Steel Pulse started out playing authentic roots reggae with touches of jazz and Latin. Handsworth Revolution released in 1978 is a landmark in British Reggae. As the ’80s wore on, slick synthesizers and elements of dance and urban R&B gradually crept into their sound, even as their subject matter stayed on the militant side. By the late ’80s, Steel Pulse had won a Grammy and were working full-fledged crossover territory. Steel Pulse initially had difficulty finding live gigs, as club owners were reluctant to give them a platform for their “subversive” Rastafarian politics. Luckily, the punk movement was opening up new avenues for music all over Britain, and also finding a spiritual kinship with protest reggae.

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Shaggy has two careers, one in Jamaica and one everywhere else.One of the first reggae artists to really bust through the western paradigm of rock and roll he is pretty hardcore back at his yard. He recently released a dancehall song called Church Heathen using his sense of humour to take the overly righteous to task.He is constantly voicing new tunes for his Jamaican audience and does the majority of his recording at his Big Yard complex in Kingston 10 Jamaica.

[youtube 8Dxq25Toh7k&hl]

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Sly Dunbar was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1952. Robbie Shakespeare was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1953. Sly Dunbar is a drummer and Robbie Shakespeare is a Bass Guitarist. Together they have supplied the wicked Jamaican Reggae Drum and Bass backing to an estimated 200,000 tracks. They are both brilliant musicians and have collaborated with many other musicians in R & B blues soul or rock. The duo’s reputation began to spread outside of Jamaica in the eighties, as artists and producers came calling in search of Dunbar and Shakespeare’s services. The beginning of the new millennium saw no slowdown in the duo’s activities, with the release of an experimental dub CD of their own. They have recorded with the biggest names in music all over the world.

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Julian Marley has been around music all his life. Born in London in 1975, he has been blessed both by his father’s great talent and legacy and by the unique perspective that comes with an upbringing in a multicultural community. Since recording his first song at age five at the Marley family home in Kingston, Julian has become a skillful, self-taught musician, mastering the bass, drums, and keyboards. In 1989 he released his first album, titled “Uprising” — also the name of his new band. He moved to Jamaica in 1992 and began to work with such reggae veterans as Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Earl “Wire” Lindo, Tyrone Downie and Earl “Chinna” Smith.

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7 thoughts on “Raggamuffin Reggae Festival Australia

  1. Felipe says:

    Hi bro
    I am from Sydney and i`d like to know here could i buy the ticket in Sydney, some story.
    See ya

  2. Ann Laupepa says:

    Hi Are there anymore tickets for 05 February Raggamuffin Concert @ Horden Pavilion Sydney??
    Please need to buy to surprise my husband who is ‘THE BIGGEST REGGAE FAN’ He just loves reggae music, plays and sings everyday!!!!
    Please let me know soon,

  3. daniel says:

    hey there,
    im in Alice Springs a couple of us want to drive to brisbane to see the concert where can we buy tickets.


  4. aisha ahmed says:

    i have two tickets to hordens pavillion today but i cant make it!!! anyone want to buy? i can meet you at the gates.
    they are two general admission tickets.
    i feel bad if they are wasted.

  5. Michael says:

    Attended the Byron show … easily the the best vibe of any concert/festival in Byron ever! What a beautiful and positive event…


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