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Macka B is a Jamaican Reggae Artist on a mission. He uses his 45 inch vinyl as his weapon and takes his message worldwide.

He knows the elders have the information on herbal healing and medicinal food and when this generation dies out, who is going to preserve this legacy. Humans need this education. It is an education passed down from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters and in our throw away instant society, it doesn’t seem like a priority for a lot of people.

He wants to make it cool so the youngsters will take an interest in learning and preparing healthy vital food and herbal medicine. One of his songs is titled Step Up and encourages people young and old to step up and take care of themselves, eat healthy food and treat their bodies with love and respect.

Enjoying a vegan diet himself, he enjoys the abundance of fruits, vegetables and nuts that the planet has to offer. He stresses the need to eat organic, as a lot of the fresh fruits and vegetables on sale in the supermarkets is heavily sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

There is need to be vigilant about caring for our bodies in these times. Radiation, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs as well as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are in our food chain and we need to purge them on a regular basis. As well as this our bacterial, fungal and viral load is high and we need to keep our immune systems strong to keep this load down, as well as kill them off regularly.

We are up against it and haven’t even touched on the industrial food that is dominating our lives.

Eating organic whole food and plenty of it will flush out our systems. Herbal teas and drinks can be delicious medicine in our everyday lives.

Macka B is spreading the message. The message of Ras Tafari. One love, one heart, one destiny.

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