Dr Mooch Rasta Positive Vibrations

Dr Mooch

Born in Lusaka, Zambia Muchanza Akapelwa aka Dr Mooch is a reggae artist with positive vibrations. His album Eassy Duzzit is uplifting and inspiring with songs like Why worry yourself, Eassy Duzzit, Take it Easy, We Feel Irie and Natty Dread Rock. His mom sang, and his dad wrote. Dr Mooch and The Breakfreeze Break Dancers are one of Zambias best troupes. He also sang in a choir and studied drama.With inspiration from Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1980, he has been inspired by many other great reggae talent, as well as his own West African Community of African musicians.
Going underground in the nineties he was a one man show spreading peace and understanding. Taking a break to study, write and explore he has just released Eassy DuzzitIt is a great one for the collection.
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