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Canadian musicians Bedouin Sound Clash combine modern urban sounds with classic reggae fundamentals. The band formed in early 2000 when Eon Sinclair (bass) met Jay Malinowski (vocals/guitar) at university. Their casual conversation about dub music inspired an informal session covering classic reggae standards. The two decided to play again the next night, asking Brett Dunlop (djembe) to come out. The later addition of Pat Pengelly (drums) filled out their sound, and Bedoin Soundclash was born. Since their inception, Beduin Soundclash has gained a large and loyal fan base. They have established themselves as one of Kingstons Ontarios premier bands, opening for The Pocket Dwellers and David Usher. Their unique yet accessible sound has become widely popular amongst the college circuit. Their debut album, Root Fire, received much critical praise. The album held the number one position on Queens University radio CFRC for several weeks and still continues to chart. Sounding A Mosaic was produced by Daryl Jennifer of the legendary Bad Brains and features a remake of “Money Worries” (by the Maytones) featuring Mr. Vernon “Maytone” Buckley himself. If that were not enough, there are also two superb remixes by E-Clair and the world-renowned Paul Lazare (Gotan Project). Sweet, smooth, soulful and honest, Sounding A Mosaic is set to become an instant reggae favorite.

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Bedouin Soundclash Street Gospels Review

We’ve waited patiently well into August for this masterpiece, and now the year’s best album is going worldwide. “Street Gospels” will appeal to you on a spiritual level without getting religious. There is no trace of pretension, only the pure and driving sounds of musicians mentally and musically aligned. Jay Malinowski’s impassioned vocals, raw as gravel and somewhere on the scale between Joe Strummer and Bob Marley, are the fire burning under the smoking basslines from Eon Sinclair and tight percussion of Pat Pengelly (who is backed with percussion from Bad Brains legend Darryl Jenifer on “Trinco Dog” and “Hearts in the Night.”) Jenifer produced “Sounding a Mosaic” in 2004, the Soundclash album that pounded through soundsystems such radical rebel music as “Shelter,” “Shadow of a Man,” “Jeb Rand,” and “Criminal.” Soon, interest developed in the band’s first release, “Root Fire,” available in the US as a Canadian import, which only further cemented the Soundclash credibility.

Also of note are the gripping paintings and collages on each album’s insert, apparently more works of art from the mind of Malinowski, whose stage presence is also amazing. On Canada Day this summer, the band played a magical show in Kingston, Ontario, where the band originated. The full moon rose over Lake Ontario as the lights of Kingston rippled on the water, all while Bedouin Soundclash was thrilling the chilling crowd.

With three crucial albums on the market, Bedouin Soundclash should have more influence, as so many songs are certain hits, even harder-to-find B-sides like “Jeb Rand is Sailin’ On,” a Bad Brains/Soundclash collusion, as well as a sharp cover of U2’s “New Years Day,” added as a bonus to the Japanese release of “Mosaic.” Careful fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” will recognize “12:59 Lullaby,” from “Street Gospels,” the tenderest of songs. Get your hands on this music and spread it. Your friends will thank you.
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