Rent a Rasta DVD Exploitation in Jamaica and Rasta today

rent a rasta

Many tourists flock to Jamaica every year from Canada, Europe and the United States. Even from as far away as Australia. Looking for the island paradise and some rest and relaxation. However there is also a sinister side to this tourism trade. Every year 80,000 females from wealthy nations around the world descend on Jamaica and other West Indian Islands looking for love, sex and affection, and this situation seems to escalate every year. Treated badly and ignored in their own countries and starved of self esteem they get the island fever and go crazy letting their hair down where no-one can judge them. Of course the locals are only too willing to oblige as most need money any way they can get it and can play the situation any way the women want it. Jamaica is an exotic sensual island and the magic is intoxicating, the beauty inexplicable. The mystical realism abounds and you just have to watch the series “Wild On” on television to see Westerners completely lose control and forget any sense of social responsibilty, morality or ethical behaviour. Rent a Rasta exposes this issue for what it is and uncovers the desperation of the Jamaican people to rid themselves of the neverending cycle of poverty and resultant exploitation that has plagued these people from the day they set foot on the island. Providing a stud service to wealthy women is only the latest form of subjugation and economic inequality. Rent a Rasta is a film that is recommended to shed some light on this issue and hopefully bring some sensitivity to tourists travelling to Jamaica and any other foreign paradise. Global Rebels Trade Images Rugged, aloof, calm and mellow, the collective wild natural energies that accompany dreadlocks always seem to stir up controversy. For while the Rastaman’s philosophy is baptized in a spiritually refreshing stream. Arrogance flanked by heated sensual expressions and selfish ambitions rules the mind of a vain dread on his/her cosmopolitan pilgrimage across the earth. Within this context, the women who travel to Jamaica hoping for border less spiritual redemption and jungle romanticism are being easily deceived. They are being lured away into a wilderness of scams. The fake dread personalities authored by native thugs, hustlers, pimps, chameleons, and socio paths promise a new holistic life but end with untold pain and hardships. Pretentious are these Afro-centric men who thrive only when they impersonate the Rasta man. In contrast to devout Rastas, Dreads are individuals who rarely know the tenets of the Rasta faith, much less, have the discipline, wisdom, honesty, joyful appearance and loving heart to spiritually inspire other human beings. Wearing dreads for many is a statement affirming an appreciation for their African heritage and identity. For others trendy dreads work as a primary means to shout rebellion against social order and physical limitations. Drawing the eyes of the aroused onlookers naturally dreads feed a mystical sensual energy that arises from their outward appearance. Aids killed about 1300 Jamaicans in 2005 and 25,000 more are living with the disease. Thse numbers are expected to increase on the island of 2.7 million people this year. The Caribbean as a whole has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world, second only to sub-Saharan Africa. Statistics from the UNAIDS Report on the global AIDS epidemic also show that Jamaica has the third highest cases of HIV/AIDS behind Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Compounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Jamaica is the lack of access to health care and AIDS drugs, social stigma surrounding the disease, lack of education about HIV/AIDS and rampant homophobia. The possiblility of conracting or spreading HIV/AIDS is likely far from the minds of the droves of carefree tourists who flock to the island looking for fun and relaxation. Like the tourist who infected the young girl from the rural parish, some may leave with or leave behind a trail of disease and death, on an island that is currently being overwhelmed by the consequences.

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