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Spreading the Rasta Colours Far and Wide

Rastafarian, Bob Marley, Reggae, Jamaican merchandise store recommending T-Shirts, Clothing, Dresses, Posters and Accessories at low prices. If you are looking for Rastafarian merchandise Reggae Jamaican or Bob Marley Clothing and Accessories then you have come to the right place. Big up the colors with this huge selection of gear. For Lion of Judah, Star of David, Egyptian Ankh, authentic Ethiopian rasta and African Clothing and Accessories, Rastagearshop has it all.

Rastafarian Purewool Handmade Tams, Berets and Beanies

Rastagearshop has been making original handmade Pure Australian Wool dreadlock tams, beanies and berets in the Rastafarian colors since 2002. Handknits made from the finest merino wool, they are water-resistant, warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Thousands have been lovingly made to spread the Rastafarian message worldwide.

Rasta Merchandise and Clothing Revolution

In the past twenty years, Rasta merchandise and clothing has revolutionised with the development of the internet and the many manufacturers designing new lines of Rasta fashion to suit every taste. Outfits for hardcore Roots and Culture fans to the new wave of youth discovering this music for the first time and the Rastafarian revolutionary message it contains as well as the livity that is Rastafari. It reaches from the Surfing and Skate scene right through to the punk scene. Sistren can find dresses and hats, skirts, tops t-shirts, headwraps, shawls, and bikinis. Rastaman hoodies, shoes, Haile Selassie t-shirts, skull caps, dreadlock hats, and jackets and for the little children, there are cute clothes for the toddlers, tweens, and teenagers.

Rasta Colours

The Rasta colors represent the following message:

  • Green for the homeland Ethiopia and the natural world
  • Gold for the sun and the Gold that has been stolen
  • Red for the blood that unites us all and the blood that has been shed

It must be respected that this message is about spiritual awareness, not religious indoctrination. It is a serious message about one love peace and harmony as well as self-realisation and fulfillment as we live our lives every day. If you want to learn more about the Rastafarian livity and history, the music or the life of Bob Marley, check out our selection of books. We have gifts like bumper stickers, pins, patches, hemp rolling papers, incense, rasta surfboards and surfing accessories, skateboards, bicycles, satchels, dreadlock wigs, bags and barbecue aprons. Thanks for visiting and we hope you find what you are looking for or a link to further information. To the most I Jah Rastafari, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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