Rasta Womens Reggae Shoes Boots Sandals

One Drop Rastafarian Hi Top Sneakers. Rasta Shoes at rastaseed.com

Rasta shoes for women come in all unique designs and sizes. Sanuk design a funky surf brand of casual loafers and cute sandals.  They are usually made from sustainable materials like hemp.  Handmade African style sandals are also gorgeous.

Rasta handicrafts are usually handmade from sustainable materials to support small communities.  They can be made from gourds or carved from beautiful timbers.  Jewellery is usually hand beaded or made from materials like brown coral, coconut shell  or hematite.  Symbols of  Haile Selassie, the Lion of  Judah or the Rasta man or woman are used in designs.  They also focus on natural elements trees plants and animals in their crafts.  The rasta colors of red gold and green feature prominently in their designs.  Red for the blood that has been shed and that unites us all, gold for the gold that has been stolen and the sun and green for the natural environment and their homeland Ethiopia.

Original Rasta Sneakers for Women

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