Rasta Hats Tams Berets Beanies

Jah Blue rasta tam wool handmade

Rasta tams and hats in pure new Australian merino wool

Rasta Gear Shop has been making Rasta hats beanies, tams and berets in the rasta colours for the past twelve years. They are all lovingly hand knitted in natural pure Australian wool.  Each one is a work of art and not two hats are exactly the same. They are now available here in our shop One size fits all.

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Our shop sells tams, berets and beanies. They are very durable, retain more than double their weight in moisture, and if cared for correctly last for many years. They must be hand washed in warm water with a gentle soap and spread flat to dry. It is extremely important to wash your hat correctly as wool will react to being washed in extremely hot or cold water. This is a top quality product.

They come in a range of rasta color combinations using different stitches to produce a unique and individual rasta crown for your dreadlocks.  Pure wool has many unique properties.  Due to the lanolin content they repel water, so you need not fear getting caught in a shower of rain.  It takes a long time for the water to penetrate as wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water before it becomes really damp. Wool is also fire resistant and will allow your hair to breathe. These properties make them good in both hot and cold climates. Keep your head warm and your dreads protected and dry with one of these beautiful individual hats.

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