Rasta Sistren Dress Shop and Clothing

Rasta sistren clothing

Rasta Dress Shop

Traditional Ethiopian rasta dress made from handwoven fabric. Lovely detail and embroidery around the neck and arm holes. It comes with two matching pieces that may be used as a headwrap,shawl or waist-tie
Rasta Ethiopian Headwrap Prayer Shawl


This beautiful Ethiopian headwrap or prayer shawl is handwoven and measures approximately 30 inches by 68 inches. The main colour is white with beautiful edges that are accented in black, green, gold and red rastafari coloured stripes. It is made of cotton cloth, which is thin and a gauzy appearance.
Traditional Bunna Rasta Dress
This traditional Bunna dress is worn by Ethiopian women when are preparing bunna coffee. Trimmed in the Rastafarian color red green gold.

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