Jah Blue Waterfront Rastaman Long Bay Portland Jamaica

Jah Blue is a waterfront Rastaman from Long Bay Portland Jamaica. He remembers a time when the seas and rivers on his beautiful island home were clear as crystal and teeming with fish. Wildlife was abundant and coconuts were the staff of life. It is a different story today. Rastaseed is a blog about Ras Tafari, a way of life born in the nineteen thirties that celebrates the living not the dead, clean living and much more. It is also about His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First, Jamaica and Reggae music. Precious information about growing your own organic food, saving original seed and the healing power of medicinal plants. Natures bounty is something humans will have to work with and protect wholeheartedly if any wild places are to remain. The population is increasing rapidly now and the demands for resources growing at an alarming rate. Aware and sensitive humans are taking to growing food for themselves to avoid toxic chemicals on and in their food. It is unfortunate that the incidence of unwell people presenting with diseases is rising and this is due to the dead fruits and vegetables sold as food. A lot of these foods need to be eaten immediately to get nutrition from them. A lot of modern industrial food grown and distributed by the supermarkets is very old by the time it is eaten. Most people can tell by the taste of it, but it will still look alright after weeks in cold storage or on the shelf. Rasta Seed is also about the preservation of our rights to be human and the freedom to grow and share your own plants, herbs and seeds. The freedom to breath clean air and get access to clean water and shelter. We all have the right to live off the grid. Corporations don’t like this. Where are they going to get their revenue from. In an increasingly Nationalistic and Corporate environment worldwide, science and business models are being applied to everything in nature and biodiversity is being threatened more severely than ever. We have basic human rights and they are being eroded. They will have to be rigorously defended from the corporate machine. Knowledge is power and what we buy and support will bring change. At the end of the day Jah is in control. We have the power within us to spread his love and light in everything we do.

Why Conserve Water from Loretta Faulkner on Vimeo.