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Powerful nutrition for your garden made from liquid herb fertilisers

Herb fertilisers are a cheap, efficient and easy way to recycle waste and give your plants some of the vital nutrients they need for root, fruit and seed production.

In the life cycle of a plant the roots absorb the nutrients the plant needs from the soil. They are then carried by the xylem and phloem up the plant to create the cells of that plant and when the foliage falls it decomposes and the nutrients go back into the soil. This cycle continues over and over again. As with most significant processes in nature this does not happen in a hurry. It takes thousands of years to make one inch of rich topsoil.

With the loss of trees protecting and creating this rich topsoil, as well as the spread of human settlements and livestock covering and compacting the soil, we must be pro active in our understanding, creation and protection of the life giving soil and it’s organisms.

Minerals in herbs added to the compost create powerful herb fertilisers.

Herbs are very beneficial in helping to create and maintain rich soil in the garden. They can be used directly to add nutrients and enrich the soil or indirectly in compost. Herbs that are rich in calcium include chamomile, chives, dandelion, cleavers, nettle and meadowsweet. Herbs rich in magnesium include peppermint and parsley and herbs rich in phosphorus marigold flowers, sorrel, garlic and caraway. Lastly those that are rich in potassium which is vital for great flowering are borage, chamomile, mint, nettle, summer savoury, comfrey and cress Lemidium sativum.

To create an abundant, fertile garden thriving with beneficial insects, flowers, fruits, seeds and deep rich topsoil the wise gardener will plant plenty of herbs to feed the compost and make liquid manures to promote root development (phosphorus) and flower production (potassium).

Remember weeds are just plants growing where you don’t want them to grow. Usually they are growing to replace something that is deficient in that particular soil, so don’t waste them, utilise them by creating a liquid manure. The results will astound you.

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