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Anteneh Fantaye from Ethiopia is man on a mission. Rastaseed  first made contact with him through a Seed Saving NGO that in Australia. Unfortunately we do not encourage the passage of vegetable seed internationally due to many quarantine risks and also due to the fact that our seeds are not localised to their climatic conditions and we want people to locate their own locally adapted seed races of vegetables within their own regions, as well as their own specialised local knowledge that has been gathered over sometimes scores of generations.


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He was very short of money and hope with regard to the seed situation in his country and was travelling 1000 miles to the University to study and work  making huge sacrifices with very little resources. He requested seed from me and so I sent him a few of my own seeds and suggested he connect with Australian contact who was working in an Aids Clinic for Women in Shashemane Ethiopia.

They connected. From the photographs enclosed you can see they got to work. Now he is the chairman of Woreda Development Association and has access to multiply, save and distribute the seeds to the farmers.
The Zone administration gave him a hectare of farm land to multiply and save Australian seed varieties. Near the rivers.
From small things big things grow. Sending seed may seem like a good way to help people however it is a very delicate and sensitive issue and it takes profound knowledge and years of experience as well as time in the country you are sending the seeds to. We don’t want anymore super weeds or diseases causing more damage to our already stressed environment and threatened food security.

An excerpt from a communication he sent to us.

“First of all I want to thank you for every thing you have done am.

I am very much interested in the information you sent me including photos. Now I understood the objective of Rasta Families. Emperor Haile Selassie was a famous leader of Ethiopia. Here in Shashamene each year on July the Rasta families still celebrating his birthday.”




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