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Rasta baby and Reggaeton

Rasta baby and his Reggaeton music is influenced by Jamaican reggae and dancehall, Latin American bomba, plena, salsa, meringue, latin pop and bachata hip hop, contemporary rhythmn and blues and electronica.It is accompanied by singing and rapping in Spanish.
Originating in Panama, the Reggaeton genre is mostly associated with Puerto Rico where it became popularised.The specific rhythmn of reggaeton is known as Dem Bow, the title of a dancehall song by Shabba Ranks that first popularised the reggaeton beat in the early nineties.

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Latino ethnic identity has been a common theme in Reggaeton, articulated musically, lyrically, and visually.
Rasta Baby y Gringo or Wilmer Alicea and Samuel Gerena respectively come fromPuerto Rico. They started out at the age of 10 and by the age of fourteen (1992) reggaeton was big in the underground scene. Controversial obscene and vulgar lyrics resulted in the government trying to ban it altogether. The response was songs with lyrics aimed at the government.
After much rivalry and lyrical feuding between different reggaeton stars, Baby rasta y Gringo parted ways and pursued solo careers for a while after releasing Sentenciados in 2004. This was the break they had been waiting for for so long. Sentenciados was, and still is, regarded as one of the greatest reggaeton albums of all time. Featuring many hits, it included El Carnaval, the duo’s biggest hit, and one of the most popular dancehall songs inPuerto Rico.

The meteoric rise of Reggaeton now in the mainstream was going to everyones head.
Reggaeton 2008 saw them reunite and release “Dejame Conocerte” the first single from their new album. This song also officially marked their comeback as a duo.

On November 23, the most awaited album of 2008, Rasta Baby y Gringo The come Back back To Business and in 2009 the release of Romances Del Ruido.

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