Know thyself Love Thyself and and attract the women of your dreams


This is for the men out there that are struggling to attract the right women and then keep a sustaining fullfilling relationship.  Of course you can never take the magic out of it. The fate and destiny of the individual concerned.
However the first pre-requisite is to know yourself and then of course to love yourself.
Australia is renowned for it’s tall poppy syndrome and we all know about that one.  There is a low self esteem epidemic going on and guys are struggling to know how to deal with the women who, incidentally are just as confused as they are, living in a romantic delusion about love and life and the happily ever after.

You can become a Prince Charming, or a King for that matter but you have to feel like one first.  Remember those who feels it knows it.

Luckily there is help at hand.  A group a guys in Melbourne have seen the desperation in the men out there, and have provided a service to those men to help them know themself love themself, learn what women want and then give it to them, ultimately attracting women they can have a real relationship with that is fullfilling for both parties.

Do you know that only one percent of famillies are happy.  Co-dependency and all manner of dysfunctional affliations are effecting our relationships and we have to break the cycle and create a new way.

If you think you might want more information then go to and talk to the guys.
It might be the best thing you ever did for yourself.