Rasta Barack Obama High Expectations for a man with his Head in the Lions Mouth

Barack Obama Head in the Lion's Mouth Rastaseed.com

This indeed is a strange phenomenon. I have never seen the election of a President arouse such a huge amount of ordinary working people to write songs, poetry, dance, and celebrate jubilantly in such a positive way.

[youtube L85YF0pyPH0&hl rasta barack obama]

What are these people expecting will happen here? How can one man improve the lives of millions of people in foreign countries, when he has taken over the United States in the worst financial position since the Great Depression. It is like he has taken on some kind of saviour status. They say he is the first Black President, but there have been others before him with black ancestry. The difference here is that this is the first time a President’s black ancestry has been acknowledged by others.

If the world really wants to get over all its greed and mess and incompetent handling of the planet, then race, colour creed and religious beliefs will have to go once and for all.

Barack Obama is one man, he has to sleep and eat like the rest of us, and there is only twenty four hours in one day. Lets get real here, the last regime have looted, pillaged, plundered and left the coffers empty and now the amazing black president is going to save us all. What is going on here? Does anybody know?

I was impressed with his internet campaign, he deserved to win harnessing the power of the people. That was smart.
I think I would be completely convinced of his saviour status if he rounded up all the “Black White and Green” corporate and political criminals that have wrecked the economy, stolen from the people and walked out free and enormously wealthy, and fed them to the Siberian Tigers. Unfortunately they are critically endangered and there is only about a 450 of them left, so maybe that’s not such a good idea. Such a putrid diet might kill of the remaining few.

Barack Obama is in the Lions Den now. He looks amazingly cool for someone with his head in the Lions mouth. Lets hope he is the lion that everyone has set their hopes on. I have no doubt he is relying on the people power or the lion hearts within us to contribute in some extraordinary way. Only time will tell.

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