Prepare for the Conscious Convergence July 17-18 2010

Conscious Convergence Rasta Seed

Conscious Convergence A Wave of Unity

July 17-18, 2010: Creating the intention for the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar! Article by Carl Johan Calleman Main article points: • The Mayan calendar is about you. • According to the ancient Maya the creation of the universe is effected by nine waves. • We are now approaching the end of the eighth wave and, on top of this, the activation of the ninth and highest level that will cap off the evolution of the universe. • This ninth level of the universe is designed togenerate unity consciousness. • The manifestation of the unity consciousness brought by the ninth level will require an intention on the part of the human beings to co-create this. • The Conscious Convergence, July17-18, 2010, is for those that are willing to set the intention to create unity consciousness in the ninth wave of the Mayan calendar system.