Chemtrails Humans and the Plants being poisoned


Chemtrails are being sprayed in our skies. It seems the air we breathe is under attack.  We are being sprayed. Aluminium and Barium are showing up in the plants, the soils the water and the people.  Trees are dying the soil in getting more alkaline, water sources are being contaminated and the people of course are getting sick.  This is occurring all over the world.  An Aluminium resistant gene patent developed at Cornell University was granted in September 2009.
Corporations need markets, people growing their own food and saving their own seed eliminates a very very large market.

Scientists Academics and citizens are getting really worried about this.  We are under attack. Whoever is behind this is blinded by greed and power.  They don’t care about the natural world or the people.

You know I run Seed Saving Courses for the Home Gardener and I’m lucky to get a handful of students. Teaching people what we have naturally been doing for thousands of years.  I try to explain that this is important but it is not registering to a mass of hypnotized apathetic people who are being poisoned everywhere they turn, physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.
Genetically modified seeds, Terminator Technology, Ban Organic Farming, I’ve never really been sure how this would play out, but to poison the plants and change the soil, then breed plants that will grow in that altered environment, this is beyond my wildest imaginings.  Its pretty full proof though, because if you say anything like this you are labeled a kook or conspiracy theorist, so it’s going to take a long while before people find out and then it will be too late.  Aluminium is accumulative and will kill everything off slowly.

All I know is this goes right to the top and with Aluminium levels at 60,000 times the safe level on Mt Shasta in California it would seem strange that authorities have not bothered to find out why.
You owe it to yourself, but if you have children or grandchildren you owe it to them to watch these videos and get informed so more people can wake up and stand up to this tyranny we are all facing.  We need some answers and we need them now.  We have so little time.  Stay focused if we unite we can stop this.
To the Rastas Culture is clean air, clean water and pure food.  All are under threat.