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Rasta activism live simply so others may simply live

A Seed Europe
A SEED Europe (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an European network linking youth groups and individuals all over Europe. A SEED was established by young people in 1991 in response to the UNCED Earth Summit proceedings.

Artists Project Earth
Artists’ Project Earth aims to help create a better world by bringing the power of music and the arts to 21st century challenges. It supports effective projects and awareness raising initiatives to combat climate change and raises funds for natural disaster relief.

Collaborative Campaigning for Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice

Corporate Watch
CorpWatch investigates and exposes corporate violations of human rights, environmental crimes, fraud and corruption around the world. We work to foster global justice, independent media activism and democratic control over corporations.
Global Research
The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is an independent research and media group of writers, scholars, journalists and activists.
The CRG is based in Montreal. It is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Red Ice Creations
Explore Observe Be Here Now

Truth Out

News Politricks

Vote Nuclear Free

World in Action
People coming together the world over to take politics into their own hands

Eco-village Projects

GAIA Trust
Gaia Trust, Denmark is a charitable entity supporting sustainabilty projects, especially the ecovillage movement.
Urban Ecology Australia
Urban Ecology Australia is a non-profit, community-based organisation, promoting people and nature friendly urban settlements. A bit of rasta activism.

Energy Trace
Our goal is to provide you with a central source of current information about energy efficiency products and practices.


Climate Care

Eco Matters
The environment is being harmed on an unprecedented scale, as natural resources are exploited in unsustainable ways to fuel the demands of our industrialised world.

Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

New Urbanism
Giving people many choices for living in sustainable, convenient and enjoyable places, while providing the solutions to global warming, climate change, and peak oil

The Edmonds Institute
The Institute is a non-profit, public interest organization committed to the health and sustainability of ecosystems and their inhabitants. It seeks to engage in projects that foster respect for and protection of the rights and health of all communities.

Food Security

Food Democracy
Mission: to work together to eliminate hunger and create food security for all residents of British Columbia.

The Global Child Cambodia

The Global Child is a non-rofit, non-political, non-partisan organisation founded to build and operate specialty schools and safe-houses for gifted street-children in developing, war-torn countries around the world

The Meatrix
Learning about sustainable food and the problems with factory farming can be daunting at first, but, with a little effort, you can quickly learn enough to make the safest and wisest food choices for you and your family.

Genetic Engineering

Gene Ethics
Gene Ethics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups. We want the precautionary principle, scientific evidence and the law rigorously applied to all proposed uses of genetic manipulation (GM) technologies and their products.

Mother Seeds in Resistance
Schools of Chiapas supports the autonomous, indigenous communities of Chiapas, Mexico in their efforts to create a just, democratic and dignified education including autonomous schools, community health trainings, ecological agricultural studies and alternative market development.


Cordaid combines more than 90 years’ experience and expertise in emergency aid and structural poverty eradication. We are one of the biggest international development organisations with a network of almost a thousand partner organisations in 36 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Indigenous survival
Survival is the only international organisation supporting tribal peoples worldwide. It was founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK’s Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil’s Indians took place in the name of ‘economic growth’.
Kiva Micro Loans

Microcredit is the extension of small loans to enterpreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. It has proven to be an effective and popular measure in the ongoing struggle against poverty

Progressio is an international development charity working for justice and the eradication of poverty

Third World Network

United Nations International Children’s Fund

World Action Foundation
Our Mission is to provide economic and educational assistance to both at-risk children and young adults within the West African Region.

Indigenous Australians

Traditional Knowledge Revival
Building pathways for community development through revival of traditional (indigenous) knowledge within contemporary society.

Women for Wik


Permaculture Research Institute
Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability


Ras Farms
Regional Agricultural Supply
Rasta Times
100% non-profit Website serving poorly represented communities.

Operation Reggae Fund
ORF is a proposal that has been submitted and reasoned on with Rastafari elders as well as singers and players of instruments that would involve a commitment to collect $1 from every person at every reggae show in the world to fund the Rastafari global project

Seed Saving

Kokopelli Seed Foundation
Kokopelli Seed Foundation To help rural communities in Third World countries to create community seed banks, seed savers networks and organic seed production groups

Seed Savers Iowa USA
Non-profit seed saving exchange of open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables and plants

Seed Savers Ireland
The ISSA is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the location and preservation of traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Seed Savers South Africa
Developing a regional plant genetic resources centre, the Southern African Development Community

Seed Saving Australia
Seed Saving Education Publishing Seed To Seed Food Gardens in Schools.

Seed Saving California
California Seed Saving Project

Seed Saving Europe
Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe

Seed Saving Haiti
Seed Saving in Haiti

Seed Saving India

Seed Saving Long Island New York
Flanders Farm New York advocated seed saving and protecting diversity.

Seed Saving SE USA
Organic Seed Production in Americas South East Agricultural Region

Seed Saving Spain
GRAIN is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) which promotes the sustainable management and use of agricultural biodiversity based on peoples control over genetic resources and local knowledge.

World Hunger Year
Worldwide Seed Saving Projects


Water Aid
WaterAid works in 17 countries providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the worlds poorest people.

The IUCN Water Programme seeks to bring together its extensive network of members, scientific commissions, government and private sector partners to sustainably develop solutions and initiatives to preserve our water resources.

Wildlife Protection

Protect Wildlife Now
The enforcement and protection of our global ecology is urgently needed

Sea Shepherd
Investigating violations Enforcing laws Protecting marine wildlife worldwide

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Funds goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature

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